[Features] Real ID Cross-Realm Party

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I had the pleasure of trying out the Real ID Cross-Realm Group feature last night. A friend of mine on Azuremyst-US and I decided to run a Heroic Zandalari. It was so much fun, even though we had some trouble with the slightly less than stellar DPS we still had a rather good time 🙂

I for one will miss this feature when it goes to being a Premium Service.


My 7th year Anniversary

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I was recharging my account this morning, and looking at my payment history when I came to the realisation that I’ve been playing World of Warcraft for almost 7 years. It got me thinking about where I started, the people that influenced me, the good times, the bad times, and what brought me ultimately to playing a priest and starting my own blog.

I started the game as a casual (extremely casual) on the Horde side as a warrior, I made the grievous mistake of starting out on a PvP server. I remember my level of frustration with the game, I think in the first week after I got out of the starting area I went through 4 keyboards. I dabbled with other alts as well on that server playing a shaman, a warlock and a couple of other characters.

I found out just after Burning Crusade that a good friend of mine was also playing, and she bribed me to come over to Draenor-US to play. I rolled my first Draenei, a mage. I loved it, I was hooked, I remember the excitement of hitting 70, getting my first epic from Karazhan, burning out in ZA (we were pushing Hex Lord at the time), and leveling the first of a succession of alts, and falling in love with Kittydoom, my Draenei priest.

I didn’t really get serious into raiding until towards the end of The Burning Crusade. I’m sort of sad about this, mainly because I missed out on some pretty epic times. (AQ40, Molten Core) My guild talks about their C’Thun kills and old guildies who helped shape the guild into what it is, and it makes me wish I was there to experience it along side of them.

I forged some of my own best memories in the game alongside my own group of friends, many of which have moved on to other games, or other guilds. There aren’t many of us left from my first guild Nocturne on Draenor-US. Many of the members I am still in contact with to this day, whether it be via E-Mail, Facebook or other media.

The guild I’m in now has a fairly strong presence on Social Media, many of us are members of the Darkfire Facebook group and even goof around on Google+, alot of us talk outside the game discussing real life, and other things. Some of us worry about other folks in the guild, showing genuine concern if they haven’t been seen online in a few days, or there is something going on in their part of the world.

I know that each and every person I’ve encountered in the game has had a positive effect on my life, my game play as they challenge me to find new and better ways to play my class, they remind me that even when we wipe, it’s still a game and we’re here to have fun.