I never realized how important Prayer of Mending was in a healer’s arsenal until I was the only priest healing certain encounters in Trial of the Crusader and Ulduar. When I moved from doing 10 man content to doing 25 man content, I learned that it was easy to have my Prayer of Mending clipped by any of the other priests in the raid, resulting in loss of healing and much rage.

I remember getting into arguments with other priests over watching where their prayer of mending went, I got my mending overwritten so many times that it never got a chance to bounce, I noticed that there was a huge amount of healing loss from having it overwritten by others that I started to look for a way to find out a way to track where my prayer of mending was, and whether or not it had run out.

That search brought me to a simple, yet effective mod called PoM Tracker which I found over at Curse. The mod tracks what player has your mending, how much time is left until Mending runs out, how many charges are remaining, and how much healing your mending has done in that current session.

The mod requires no set up, other than being dragged to where you want it on your screen and away you go 🙂 It’s relatively transparent, so you can put it over top of another UI element if you so wish.

It’s definitely a mod I would not be without, you can find the mod here.