Good evening, as you may notice I’m not your usual blogger, I am, as you may notice, the Laughing Warlock. And, pray tell, am I doing on a healer blog? Providing commentary from the peanut gallery as it were. I suggested that perhaps a dps viewpoint my be sometimes beneficial in such a blog, and the beneficent owner of this snappy little place said okey dokey, but try not to make a fool of yourself. I make no promises.

Healing is a constant worry for a warlock, and it isn’t. It’s sorta odd for me. Half the time I’m fine, drain life, affliction talents, and the like give me a pretty weighty ability to top myself off, and I get pats on the head for doing so. However, there’s an elephant in the room in respect to my class….I treat my health bar as a mana bar. And healers just looooove that.

Dps is, in general, pretty squishy. Not our fault, it’s just fun watching the boss die, zomg look at my numbers! Then…then I lifetap right as Chimaeron takes a bite out of everyone….ouch. A good dps is cognizant of his health and his damage. A GREAT dps is cognizant of the drain he’s putting on his healer. I’m…okay. I’m usualy pretty connected to the strain I put on the healer, but especially when a boss is getting low, I can get pretty severe tunnel vision.And after that…well…smooshed warlock. Not laughing at that point.

So, next time a dps gives you guff because they died, ask them if they were watching their health bar, if there is indignant silence, feel free to label them an idiot. If they say yes, and they blew all their cooldowns….then maybe you should listen to what they have to say.

This has been your friendly neighborhood guest blogger and lunatic, The Laughing Warlock, bringing you the musings of a longtime imp enthusiast and lover of festive green fire.