I had the wonderful experience of healing Heroic Chimaeron tonight. My guild has an amazing set up where we do all of our preparation for new content via 10 man, cycling people in to get them familiar with the fight, and then rolling it out in 25 man. We successfully downed Heroic Halfus the other night for the first time in 25 man.

I’ve been a discipline priest for as long as I can remember, I’m happy with what I do, I perform well (at least as far as my raid leader has said, he’s never told me otherwise, and he humors me at least when it comes to my need to gather and analyse information like a madwoman).

Up until recently, I’ve never encountered anything as frustrating as healing Chimaeron on heroic mode.  The fight seems fairly simple in it’s mechanics, relatively the same as regular mode with a couple of differences. He has a buttload more health, and he likes to make our tanks take hits like 2-year-old girls.

Getting him once to sub 5% was thrilling, I am honored to be one of the healers for these endeavors into hard modes, but when I lose a tank, it sucks.

My first thought after the second or third wipe, is that I’m doing something wrong, not using a cooldown at the correct moment, not healing fast enough, do I need to change a glyph, do I need to change the heal I’m using there.  I tend to look at fights as very black and white. Wipe or No Wipe, uptime vs. downtime. Then after some discussion, I learned that it wasn’t me, the stacks weren’t dropping off the tank, and the increased damage in was happening so fast even with Pain Suppression up that our poor tank wasn’t having a chance.

I even looked at the strategy discussion over at Tankspot, to see if they had and tips, tricks or pointers. We were using what they’d outlined, and from what I was reading the fight is a huge communication fight, you need to have excellent communication between healers and tanks. Taunt rotations, who’s tanking when etc.

I love my guild’s healers and tanks. We have excellent communication between the groups, even with a tank that has only spoken once in the 4 or 5 years he’s been in the guild, he still gets his point across. I suppose when you don’t say much, you get heard more when you actually do have to speak up, though this is not the case when there are more than 2 or 3 healers in the mix.

I have a good feeling that we’re going to get Heroic Chimaeron on Monday, it’s just gonna take some solid communication, and some solid teamwork.

So….maybe I don’t really actually Hate Chimaeron Heroic.