Trundling around Reddit while I was outside having a cigarette, I stumbled along a very addictive and fun flash game called Heal a Mole. It’s a rather simple click game where you are given healing spells and are expected to heal the moles after they are whacked. If you’re new to healing, or just really rusty this might be a simple place to brush up on your skills.

The game interface is fairly simple at best. Providing you with several different heals including AOE, HoTs, and Greater and Standard Heals.









The number buttons control what heal you are using, the screenshot above only shows there being 1 heal as this is level 1, when I played through for a bit earlier, I had up to 4 heals available for me to use.

The game can get fast paced and hectic, but it helps you in a non-pressured environment.