Inner Focus: An extremely valuable spell in a discipline priest’s arsenal. A short cooldown providing a reduction in the mana cost of a priest’s next Flash Heal, Binding Heal, Greater Heal or Prayer of Healing by 100% and increasing its critical effect chance by 25%.

Matticus over at World of Matticus posed a rather interesting statement on Twitter. He said,  “How to get Matt to use Inner Focus on Progression Cause he Worries too Much About Other Stuff Like Dying.”

While out and about today doing some non-wow related stuff, I mulled it over, and tried to figure out how I use Inner Focus without thinking about it, and to be honest I’m not sure how I do it, I believe that it’s something instinctual, or at least trained.  I catch myself all the time hitting my keybind for Inner Focus on my other healers, and then going to myself. Why did I do that?

I surprised myself earlier this week while using Raid Bots that in one evening I used Inner Focus a total of 99 times.  When Matticus posted his statement, I thought about the different options that are out there.



I was wondering what options were out there for tracking when Inner Focus was up and what would be more convenient for someone that gets so busy worrying about dying that they would forget to use Inner Focus.

Power Auras Classic

For a while I used Power Auras to track things like Inner Focus, Penance, and Rapture procs. I found that Derevka at Tales of A Priest and Plus Heal had an excellent list of necessary Power Auras imports for both Holy and Discipline Priests, as well as for general raiding. I especially like the tone that would play when Rapture was ready to go.

Tell Me When

I don’t have much experience with this particular mod, but I have heard many awesome things about it. Unfortunately due to my unfamiliarity with the mod I’m going to believe that it would work rather well.


Within the architecture of World of Warcraft we are allowed to easily program macros. I have Inner Focus bound to the same macro as my Synapse Springs with the following macro.

 /use Mercurial Handwraps

/cast Inner Focus

Because I’ve grown to a point within the game where I’m not relying on a mod to tell me when my Inner Focus is off cooldown, I just hit the button that this macro is bound to, and then start my heal.

Searching through the internet, I am seeing that you can set up both Healbot and Vuhdo to handle Inner Focus, though I’m not sure of the mechanics behind it as I’ve not used either mod in quite some time.

When it comes down to increasing your usage of Inner Focus, the only thing I can recommend is that you do what fits your play style.