Over the past couple of weeks Darkfire has been mastering Halfus on Heroic 10 man. We’ve downed him twice now, and would like to be able to do him in 25 man shortly. Here is a healing guide for Heroic Halfus .

I’m not evangelism specced as I dont’ feel that it has the control required for that chaotic of a fight, at least on 10 man. I did read over on Tankspot.com that the usage of Atonement specced discipline priests are rather optimal for incidental raid healing.

Our guild took 3 tanks (2 warriors and a paladin), 3 healers (1 Discipline Priest, 1 Restoration Shaman and 1 Holy Paladin), and 4 DPS (Mage, Feral Druid, Frost DK, a hunter).

The fight itself is chaotic at best to begin with as you’re contending with 3 dragons, the whelps and Halfus. The main focus at this point is to ensure that the tanks stay alive, that the taunt rotation goes as planned without the Mortal Strike stacks getting very high as this makes healing on a tank with more than 8 stacks impossible, and even more importantly the interrupt rotation on Halfus’ Shadow Nova.

Early on we ran into issues with interrupts not getting off in a timely manner, blowing the raid up, and sending healers out of range of their tank targets. We ended up having to have our Restoration Shaman use an Interrupt Focus macro which helped immensely.

       /cast [@focus] Wind Shear

We also had excellent healer communication when it came to mana regeneration rotations. (Mana Tide Totem, Hymn of Hope and Divine Plea), as by the time the first dragon went down we were on the low side of mana, so with the level of communication we had we were able to stagger our mana return cooldowns and return to almost full mana to continue the fight.

Once the first Dragon is handled, and the whelps are gone, healing got easier until we got into the final phase with just Halfus up. The knockback that he does is almost terrifying especially if you’re short on mages or you lose your mage early. Hunters with Nether Rays, or Paladins with Bubble and Rebuke, or BoP a shaman and have them interrupt is other alternatives to not having a mage, but aren’t quite as good as a well prepared Mage.

If the interrupts go off as planned that phase in and of itself is relatively easy, after the roars you have a few moments to top everyone up before you have to do it all over again, while avoiding fire barrage.