Over the last few months with the help of the officers in my guild we’ve worked at implementing the usage of consumables in our raid.

When looking at what consumables were available for healers, and what options were to be had.

Depending on the type of healer you are, certain stats such as spirit are handled by your individual spec, for instance Discipline Priests don’t get additional mana regeneration through spirit the way that Holy Priests do. A Holy Priest would benefit better from a Flowing Water Flask as opposed to a Draconic Mind Flask. While Shamans receive no direct benefit from spirit (except for mana tide totem), and no direct increased benefit from intellect except for increased spellpower and mana pool, so for them I would recommend a Flask of Flowing Water.

Though ultimately what flasks, potions and foods you use, are dependent on what stats you value over others, and how you play.


Potion of Concentration – On use the potion “puts the imbiber into an elevated state of concentration where they can restore up to 22000 mana over 20 sec, but they are defenseless until their concentration is broken” This potion isn’t the most optimal one you could use, I believe I can really only think of one boss fight that you could use this on, and that would be Magmaw. Most fights are either too chaotic, or have too much raid damage to effectively use these.

Mythical Mana Potion – Mythical Mana potions are another option, as an engineer I had originally had my gloves outfitted with the Z50 Mana Gulper which have me an additional 1000 mana ontop of what the potion gave me. In the beginning when my gear was weak these were optimal, and saved my tail when times got tough. Once I got to a point where my gear had improved to a point where I wasn’t experiencing mana issues, I stepped away from using these.

Volcanic Potion – I love my Volcanic Potions, I usually double these with a Shadowfiend in order to get slightly more mana back. I’m not sure if it is actually how it works, as I’ve never really tested it, but I’ve always felt safer popping a Volcanic Pot and my Shadowfiend.


Flask of the Draconic Mind – Mainly a throughput flask, as a discipline priest I tend to use these so that I receive a bit more mana back with Rapture. Flask usage is dependent on how your spec works, a Holy Priest may not get nearly as big of a benefit from a Draconic Mind  as opposed to a Flowing Water Flask.

Flask of Flowing Water –  The regeneration flask of choice, even as a fledgling discipline priest I resorted to using these until I was able to balance my stats better.


Ghost Elixir – Another spirit elixir, it provides the same effects as a Flask of Flowing Water, but on a smaller scale. Even now, I keep a few of these on hand for a tough progression fight.

Elixir of Mastery – Depending on your class or spec this is another very good Elixir. My discipline priest’s gearing and gemming is a little unorthodox as I focus on Mastery as a viable stat in my healing arsenal.

Elixir of Mighty Speed – Provides haste if you should need a bit more haste, some healing classes do better with more haste.

Elixir of the Cobra – I had read in a thread, I’m not sure where, I think it was for Restoration Shamans, that crit helped with mana regen, I’m not sure if that was the case or if it was debunked. But I could see the potential of this elixir if that was the case.

Unfortunately there aren’t really any solid Guardian Elixirs to go with the Battle Elixirs I’ve listed above, there are a few level 80 elixirs that my prove to be helpful, but I leave that up to your discretion.


Most guilds usually have someone or a group of someones that drop feasts (if your guild worked hard enough, you will even have the Seafood Magnifique Feast which is one of the optimal raid foods unless you’re looking for a specific stat as a healer. I’ve listed a few of the others below.

Delicious Sagefish Tail

Baslisk Liverdog

Baked Rockfish

Lavascale Minestrone

Broiled Dragon Feast

Goblin Barbeque

Seafood Magnifique Feast

Fortune Cookie – Good food if you are low on gold, depending on your server’s economy these tend to be much cheaper and easy to acquire via the auction house than any of the above listed foods.

Getting the most out of your character is really what you’re wanting to do, and feeding your character the right diet of flasks, food and potions, will make your healing experience that much more epic.