I decided to hop on the blog bandwagon once again and start a healing blog, I spend a good amount of time answering questions about healing, gemming, gearing and such over on the Reddit community and with my own guild, and many of the questions people ask me make for good post ideas, so I figured it was time to spread my wings outside of my guild’s forum, Reddit and my other small random wow blog over on Tumblr.

I’ve been healing as a priest since the beginning of Wrath of the Lich King, I initially dabbled as a holy priest but couldn’t quite get comfortable with the healing. I then discovered and fell in love with Discipline Healing. I stepped off and took some time playing at a restoration shaman, and while I did enjoy that it didn’t really have the control and power that my priest did. I suppose I kept dreaming of the enormous numbers that I was pulling when we started working on Lich King 25, and cried pitifully. Not seeing those numbers as a restoration shaman was disheartening at the best.

I still don’t see the enormous numbers from my discipline priest like we did back in Wrath, but I’m satisfied when I see the Divine Aegis absorbs totaling 50k+ on our main tank, and the occasional trips to Cho’Gall where I get to be an Archangel/Evangelism priest and spend my fight smiting away happily.

I’m impressed at how I grew out of using Healbot and Vuhdo and learning how to make my UI perfect, switching over and learning to use a Razer Naga, programming mouseover macros, learning about Power Auras.

I also dabble in raid analysis, I focus mainly on consumable usage, cooldown usage and uptime on things like Earth Shield, and lightwell.

I suppose for now, I’ll leave the introduction as such.